About rowlando


The web developer in me

I am a web developer, specialising on the front-end or client-side, depending on who you talk to. This means I do all things (X)HTML, JavaScript and CSS. A couple of years ago I was did both front and back-end web development but realised I didn’t have enough time to master the front-end, what with all the browser quirks and incompatitabilties. Since I moved to back to London, in August 2007, I have only taken on front-end roles to improve my front-end coding skills. I have worked for many of the large digital agencies and The Guardian.

Since July 2008 I have been working for a large bank based in Canary Wharf. The commuting kills me but the guys I work with are a fun bunch.

At some point I’d like to take on a project that lets me get back into the programming side of things. I have learnt loads about SEO, accessibility, unobtrusive JS, performance tuning web pages, etc… but I think 2009 should be the year that I move away from purely front-end and delve back into other things web-related. I’m thinking of writing an Android app, specialising in mobile web-development, getting to know Adobe Air, learning a web framework like Django, playing with APIs, and generally getting excited about the web again.


I have a keen interest in taking pictures, of everything. Last summer I bought a Canon 450D and a brilliant Sigma lens. I have a lot to learn and have mostly been learning by trial and error and the odd book. I plan to attend a course sometime soon, and if I get my arse in to gear, join a camera club. I put some of my pics on to Flickr.