Farnham Street’s most popular articles

I stumbled across Farnham Street. I want to read everything on there! I signed up for the newsletter and the first email makes a suggestion about where to start. To increase the likelihood of me not forgetting to read everything, I’ve copied the suggestions here as a reminder.

Decision Making

Decisions Under Uncertainty — One way to realize how ignorant we are is to look back, read some old newspapers, and see how often the world did something that wasn’t even imagined.

Avoiding Stupidity is Easier than Seeking Brilliance — “The amateur duffer seldom beats his opponent, but he beats himself all the time.”

Daniel Kahneman’s Favorite Approach For Making Better Decisions — “We build on Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman’s favorite approach for making better decisions. This may sound weird, but it’s a form of imaginary time travel.”

Thinking About Thinking

The Best Introduction to Mental Models — Acquiring knowledge may seem like a daunting task. There is so much to know and time is precious. Luckily, we don’t have to master everything.

How To Think — Thinking is not IQ. When people talk about thinking they make the mistake of thinking that people with high IQs think better.

The Difference Between Knowing the Name of Something and Knowing Something — Physicist Richard Feynman explains why knowing the name of something doesn’t mean you understand it.

Changing How We Think — You need to learn how to integrate.

Adding Mental Models to Your Mind’s Toolbox — The world is always changing so which models should we prioritize learning?


Steve Jobs on Creativity — Creativity is connecting things.

The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights — “Intuition is the use of patterns they’ve already learned, whereas insight is the discovery of new patterns.”

The Meaning of Life

Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life — A famous letter from Hunter S. Thompson to his friend Hume Logan. A must read.

Richard Feynman’s Love Letter to His Wife Sixteen Months After Her Death — I tear up a little each time I read this.

Tiny Beautiful Things — “Inexplicable sorrows await all of us. … Life isn’t some narcissistic game you play online. It all matters — every sin, every regret, every affliction.”


How to Read a Book — I’m serious. You don’t know how to read and this small fact is costing you time and money.

A list of What We’re Reading — everything from the past few years with mini-summaries.

The Buffett Formula — How to get smarter using a simple but not easy approach.

The Knowledge Project — A podcast where I interview people from across the globe to deconstruct how they think, live, and connect ideas.