Weeknotes: 2016 Week 1

I’m writing again. Not sure how long it’s gonna last.

Lots of stuff happened between now and then. Maybe I’ll attempt a retrospective of kinds in a later post.

The last week and a bit

I started at the Ministry of Justice as a developer a week or so ago. I’m working on Out Of Court Pathway stuff, with a focus on family law. To get to grips with this domain I’ve read quite a few reports and user research findings and spoken to some very knowledgable team members and was a member of winning pub quiz team (answering just one question)!

One thing I’ve been impressed with is the focus on the discovery of user needs. This is encouraged and practiced by everyone, no matter what a person’s role is.

I’ve discovered the gov_uk_prototyping kit which I’m sure will come in handy. I’ve run brew install countless times – mongodb; mysql; start postgresql; heroku; bash-completion (for docker completion); nvm (don’t bother, just use the one-liner curl command to install nvm) and slowly stepped towards setting up my machine for development. I’m using Slack as a personal note taker, Visual Studio Code as an editor and iTerm3. A lot of the projects have been dockerised so I downloaded Docker For Mac and it just worked.

I’ve caught up on past editions of MoJ Frontend Weekly, perused some of the codebases, signed up for accounts on HipChat, Confluence, G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), Slack and various internal systems.

The project I’m working on is becoming clearer day by day. Lots to look forward to!