Geek nights, hack days and demo evenings

Last night I attended the South London Geek Night in The Bedford and I was impressed by the high calibre speakers. I now know NoSQL is a movement, not a technology, courtesy of Hugocheck out the slides. The talk from Makitó Labs was inspiring. To get the Vote For Policies up and running in less than two weeks, whilst holding down a day job and funding it themselves, was a lesson to us all that persistence and hard work in indeed worth it. The lightning talks were brilliant too. I loved the talk on Dynamic Pub Table Configuration Protocol. Hilarious!

A couple of weeks ago I joined in the fun at the inaugural Science Hackday hosted at The Guardian’s HQ in Kings Cross. Jen and I made a fun, random comparison generator. We called it How Fast Am I but you can also get comparisons for height, distance and time. Go on, give it a try:

The next geek event I’m off to is the Paypal and Yahoo Developer Challenge demo evening. It’s hosted at TechHub, a new venue for tech startups. This will be a good opportunity to have a nosey.